Payment Methods


PayPal makes it possible to make a safe and secure international payment. Besides that PayPal is the fastest online payment option. Above all payment by PayPal is FREE!

Paypal is supported by several credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. In addition to the credit card it is also possible to upload funds to PayPal by bank.


Payment can also be done by bank. When checkout your products you can choose for the payment by pank option. We will e-mail you our account details, but you will have to make the payment yourself. When you choose to pay by bank make sure the order number is mentioned in the payment description, else we are not able to link the payment with your order. International payment by bank is often charged by a additional fee, we do not cover these costs.

iDeal (Dutch visitors only)

Dutch visitors can pay by iDeal. iDeal supports all dutch banking company' and is the fastest and safest way to pay in Holland.

Frequently asked questions about payment options can be found in our F.A.Q. All our policies and rules are written in our Terms & Conditions.