Like IPraves on Facebook and win a cool goodiebag

2012-09-01 23:00:00 by I'Praves

To celebrate that our new website is online we will give away a super cool I'Praves goodie bag at 31th of December which consists of a I'Praves hand or shoulderbag + I'Praves wallet of choice including €100 inside the wallet of choice. You can choose from any of the bags and wallets that are available in our online shop.

We will have a like&win giveaway every month so like us and maybe you will be the lucky winner of our goodiebag. The winners will be chosen out of all our likers. This means that if you haven't won by the 31th of December you automatically participate in the next Like and win giveaway actions.

Winners will be announced on Facebook and through our website. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you great news and super cool deals.

Like IPraves on Facebook and win a cool goodiebag

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