About I'Praves

I'Praves is a privately held company which offers a great assortment of brand products both online and in real stores. We strive towards perfection in our products and services and hope that you are more than satisfied with them.

The in 2012 opened company website shows a portfolio of our products which can also be ordered online by consumer and retailers. We currently have several lines handbags and wallets in multiple colors. Among them are the Basic, Classic, Pattern and Hot line wallets. Handbags are classified in the Premium S and L line which stands for Small and Large.

We like animals and therefore never use hides or leathers of endangered animal species. You also should think multiple times before purchasing a products made of exclusive leather.

News is regularly posted on our news page. We post several types of news updates like product releases and new retailers. Register to our newletter to stay up to date and receive great deals and news or follow us on facebook.