IPraves RSS Feeds http://www.ipraves.com/RSS IPraves News RSS Feeds info@ipraves.com (Bernardus Molkenboer) info@ipraves.com (Bernardus Molkenboer) http://www.ipraves.com/gfx/logo.png IPraves RSS Feeds http://www.ipraves.com/RSS The new wallets and credit cards holders with lanyard are online http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-91-The-new-wallets-and-credit-cards-holders-with-lanyard-are-online New wallets and credit card holders with lanyard have been added to our online shop. The wallets have several different colors and also the number of card slots is different for each of the designs. There are wallets with a zipper or a transparent ID slot.All new wallets have a sturdy lanyard with karabiner hook. Due to the small hook the lanyard can easily be separated from the wallet or a set of keys can be added. 2014-02-23 20:44:59 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-91-The-new-wallets-and-credit-cards-holders-with-lanyard-are-online New IPraves Classic (Large) http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-90-New-IPraves-Classic-(Large) Wallets for cards and bills with moneyclipWe have added two new moneyclip wallets to our shop. These wallets have room for multiple cards and have a large compartment for paper money bills. In addition to this both of the wallets have a stainless steel moneyclip. Both wallets are made of genuine leather and have modern appearance.These wallets are also available in a set. 2013-08-19 12:43:44 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-90-New-IPraves-Classic-(Large) Free Linkpartners wanted for our website http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-89-Free-Linkpartners-wanted-for-our-website We are looking voor websites, shops and portals to exchange follow links.In order to achieve a better ranking we are able to provide a premium quality Do-follow link on our linkpartner overview. We do not charge costs for any of the links, we expect to receive the same in return.Exchanging links can be beneficial for both parties, therefore please let us know what we can do for each other. 2013-01-29 07:12:27 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-89-Free-Linkpartners-wanted-for-our-website Order without creating an account http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-88-Order-without-creating-an-account No more need to register an account to place an order on our website. The function is temporarily only available for the Dutch .nl part of the website Tonight all international visitors will be able to place an order in our webshop without creating an account. Rather keep your details anonymous, Thats possible! 2012-09-11 13:30:20 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-88-Order-without-creating-an-account Like IPraves on Facebook and win a cool goodiebag http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-3-Like-IPraves-on-Facebook-and-win-a-cool-goodiebag To celebrate that our new website is online we will give away a super cool I#39;Praves goodie bag at 31th of December which consists of a I#39;Praves hand or shoulderbag + I#39;Praves wallet of choice including euro;100 inside the wallet of choice. You can choose from any of the bags and wallets that are available in our online shop.We will have a likeamp;win giveaway every month so like us and maybe you will be the lucky winner of our goodiebag. The winners will be chosen out of all our likers. This means that if you haven#39;t won by the 31th of December you automatically participate in the next Like and win giveaway actions.Winners will be announced on Facebook and through our website. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you great news and super cool deals. 2012-09-01 23:00:00 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-3-Like-IPraves-on-Facebook-and-win-a-cool-goodiebag Month September 10 Percent Discount http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-2-Month-September-10-Percent-Discount To celebrate that our new website is online the whole month of September there is a 10% discount on everything available in our online shop.The 10% discount will be deducted from the total shopping cart value. This means u can add as many products as you like on which you all get discount. Discount on super cool handbags, shoulderbags, wallets, and credit card holders. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and participate in great giveaways. By the end of December 2012 we will give away a super cool goodie bag consisting of our handbag and wallet of choice including euro;100 inside!http://www.facebook.com/IPraves" target="_newLike and share us on Facebook to make part of this event. 2012-09-01 23:00:00 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-2-Month-September-10-Percent-Discount IPraves website online http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-1-IPraves-website-online The webdesign department has finished our new website and we are online for visitors and customers since today (1 September 2012)!To celebrate that our new website is online we have made some great deals and giveaways that can be participated by everyone that likes or shares http://www.facebook.com/IPraves" title="I#39;Praves Facebook" target="_newI#39;Praves Facebook page.The whole month of September we have a https://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-2-Month-September-10-Percent-Discount10% discount on everything available in our online shop. This means discount sale on all of our wallets and bags found in our webshop collection.Besides that by the end of December 2012 we will give away a I#39;Praves goodie bag consisting of a I#39;Praves bag and wallet of personal choice for free including euro;100 inside the wallet!http://www.facebook.com/IPraves" target="_newLike and share us on Facebook to make part of this event. 2012-09-01 23:00:00 GMT http://www.ipraves.com/news-topic-1-IPraves-website-online